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Do you have multiple interests spanning a wide range of entertainment genres, but could never focus on just one? This is the dilemma faced by our host Jeff J. He’s interested in Sports, Music, TV, Technology, Gaming, Writing, Social Media, Fitness, and anything that gives him a good laugh! Jeff will talk to anyone and debate his interests, so the next logical step was to bring his passions to the digital platform. Thus, ADHDShow.com was born! For all of those who are looking for a podcast on ADHD the condition, well… this may not be for you. It was a cool play on words and Jeff is not a doctor (we don’t think). ADHD Show (A Digitally Humorous Discussion) consists of the following:

That ADHD Show

This is the official podcast of ADHDShow.com! The slogan for this podcast is “Random topics, discussed in an organized manner”. This won’t be your normal “all in one” podcast, as Jeff J. and his co-hosts  will dive into topics of their current interests in a funny and informative way. The diagnosis for this podcast is acute enjoyment, and there is no known cure. Focus on the message or you might miss it!

Audio and Written Reviews

Jeff consumes a lot of entertainment content via digital media, and loves to provide commentary. Now with ADHDshow.com, he will formally share his perspective with you!

Joined by his partner in crime @KrissyBri and others, they will review and discuss their favorite TV show series.They will also provide write up reviews of shows. This is going to be dope!!
Jeff has been reading comic books for a majority of his life. The writing, stories and art always appealed to him. Plus with the dope Marvel and DC shows and movies being released, this is an excellent era to be a comic nerd! Jeff will put his unique spin on his favorite comic stories
This will be the destination for all of Jeff’s video content, including Gamer’s Life, SBMail, video interviews and more!
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