Raise your hand if you’ve been waiting months to find out who gets Lucille’ar. If you aren’t raising your hand, we can’t be friends! Just kidding! Ha. It’s been a long, long wait for the season premiere of The Walking Dead, and let me tell you, the opening didn’t disappoint one bit.

We’ve got Rick telling Negan that he’s going to kill him “not today, not tomorrow, but I’m gonna kill you.” Best part about it all? Negan isn’t shook one bit. Rick doesn’t scare him at all. After Rick’s declaration, Negan grabs him by his jacket and drags him into the trailer. IT’S LIT!!

Bruh…did the show go to commercial without telling us who died? We are all sitting here with our nerves on the line, and I guess the show doesn’t care. Lol

At this point, Negan is just taunting the hell out of Rick and there’s nothing Rick can do about it. There have been plenty of situations in which Rick has been destitute, but I think this is the first time he is truly scared. Negan throwing his axe into a herd of walkers and making Rick go and find it. Crazy part? That WAS Rick’s axe and Negan is already referring to it as his. Boss move.

Okay…so now the show is torturing us. 2 commercial breaks and we have zero clue as to who got the bat. Why you do dis, TWD show runners? Gahhhh.

WELP, we find out who dies…it’s….ABRAHAM. Such a horrible way to go. But I will say this, he died like a G. Saying “suck my nuts” and those being the last words you’ll ever utter? Awesome. Negan beat him to pieces. I can’t deal. My stomach turned many many times watching him meet his maker.

As Negan’s talking all the shit in the world, Daryl lunges at him and gets a good punch. It’s at this moment that I knew someone else had to die. You can’t do shit like that and think everyone is gonna walk away. Even though I’ve wanted Glenn to die for some time now, I didn’t think it was gonna be like this. RIP Glenn. I hate it had to be you.

SO there you have it. Abraham and Glenn died. This is awful. If you want to know why I wanted Glenn to die, it’s mostly because I was over the timeline between him and Maggie. The whole love story thing was overplayed.

One thing is very clear while watching this episode. Negan is NOT to be messed with. Don’t come for him unless you truly plan to kill him or die yourself. There is no in between like there was with The Governor. You better come correct.

Hold UP. Negan has had Rick’s crew kneeling this entire time. It’s now daylight and they’re all in the same position. No potty break? No food? No water? Sh*t. I’d die just from that.

Negan is now making Rick cut off Carl’s left arm. What kind of devil’s work is this? Negan is obviously making sure Rick knows who’s boss. Asserting his power. Making sure they all know who they answer to. Of course Carl doesn’t lose his hand because it was a complete mind fu*k by Negan. Wow.

“YOU BELONG TO ME” … the words Rick was forced to speak to Negan. Holy crap. This guy is by far worse than The Governor ever was.

Negan has Daryl loaded into the back of a van. What the hell is happening to him? I’m so nervous. If Rick doesn’t do what Negan asks, it’s going to be Daryl who dies next. I can’t deal.

“Welcome to brand new beginning, you sorry shits.”

The Walking Dead is easily the best show on TV. It hits all the home runs. You want to cry, laugh, fight, and do so many others things at the same time. It just evokes a ton of emotion out of you. You’re exhausted after watching, yet you can watch the episode over and over again.

Rick is no longer in charge. They all answer to Negan. How is this gonna play out over the season? Is it normal for me to be nervous every time Negan is on the screen? This is just too much to handle.

What did you think of the season 7 premiere?

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