Streetztalk – Bonusode1: Respect The Journey

In this episode, Jeff explains the purpose of the Bonusodes, and speaks on the appreciation for the journey you take in your career. These are motivational and informative joints that Jeff hopes will help someone make sense of this crazy life!

Streetztalk – EP 4: Passion Of The Kicks

Jeff assembles the Comic Book Illuminati comprised of Kriss, DPalm & Tim D-O Double G to discuss DC's Rebirth, The Batman/Duke Thomas dynamic, "AARP/Old 52" Superman vs. New 52 Superman, and Marvel's Civil War. We also discuss AwesomeCon in DC, podcasting and how crazy it is to actually have people listen to our shows (and really impact their lives?! while!) Speaking of AARP, we join the Twitter roast session of those All Lives Matter Steph Curry UNder Armour kicks throughout the show.

Streetztalk – EP 3: Haitians Going Platinum Feat. Al Patron

Jeff chops it up with Warren G's Haitian doppelganger the author who hates being called an author: Al Patron! Jeff & Al reminisce about Muhammad Ali and his impact to the Black community, our fallen heroes so far in 2016, and being Haitian in America and celebs who are (allegedly) of Haitian descent. Jeff also discovers the origin story of the man who created the LEGENDARY WhatsPoppin.net, the writer of 5 books and the member of the OPUS magazine conglomerate. We salute Deshauna Barber for winning Miss USA, & finally, as tortured Knicks fans, we discuss the Jeff Hornacek hire and where this team will really go next season. For full show notes: http://www.adhdshow.com/STEP3